Through Baptism, we are identified and made participants in God’s new history in Jesus Christ and the new age that Christ is bringing.”  

- By Water and the Spirit:  A United Methodist Understanding of Baptism   is a great resource to answer many questions about this sacrament. 

“Through baptism we are incorporated into the ongoing history of Christ’s mission, 

Baptisms,             Weddings,             and  Funerals


The wedding ceremony represents a divinely-blessed covenant between the bride and groom, the community of faith, relatives, friends, and our ever-loving God.  Through the covenant of Christian marriage, two people choose to dedicate their lives to each other with love as they live out their faith. 

As such, Christ’s universal Church stands ready to recognize those who choose to make this commitment through the institution of marriage.

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The passing of a loved one brings with it the intersection of grief and faith.  We are assured by the Scriptures that those who die in Christ are also raised with Christ, and this brings us great joy.  Nonetheless, their physical absence is also frequently troubling, leaving behind a sense of emptiness that can linger.  Funerals and memorials are occasions to honor those who have transitioned from one life to the next, and to provide support and closure until a heavenly reunion can be found.

*Note:  The above services are traditional in style, but are adaptable to suit the situation or person at the discretion of the pastor.